Bruce Johnston

Bruce has coached at Alpine Ski Club, Camp of Champions, Whistler and other small resorts across Ontario. Bruce coaches our advanced campers and has been with Evolve Snow Camps team for two seasons. His high energy and great sense of humor is appreciated by all the campers. He has his own online shop which specializes in snowboards, soft goods and other good stuff. Make sure you check out his site visit here and get a 20% discount!

bruce profile evolve snow camps

Who do you currently ride for.
Endeavor Snowboards, Flux bindings, NOMIS Outerwear and BMfresh

How many years have you been riding for?
10 Years, I think

What is your current set up?
Flux RK 30’s and Endeavor RC 156

What stokes you out?
When I see a friend or camper stomp a crazy insane trick out of nowhere!

What is your favourite ski flick?
That’s it that’s all (its so epic)

What are your favorite tricks to land?
Switch back 7 or a nice nose press

When you are not coaching for Evolve Freestyle what are you doing?
Spinning  tunes in my basement, reading or out snowboarding with my friends



Whis.boom from BM fresh on Vimeo.